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How much does it cost to study English in Australia?

How much does it cost to study English in Australia?

—Generally, English language courses in Australia are calculated on a weekly basis. These costs usually range from 150-500 AUD/Week.
The quality of these courses depends on a school’s facilities, support and resources provided for students, and other factors. Therefore, to choose a suitable English language course, we need to know the requirements. For instance, if you want to pursue a master’s degree at a university, it is preferable that you start off English language courses in the university, or you may need a general English language course that allows you to study and have part-time job.

Below is the pricing tables, comparing between English courses offered by public and private university and TAFE’s language schools. The price ranges from 150-500 AUD/Week, with all health insurance, a six-month language course, and Overseas Student Health Coverage included (pocket money, flight tickets, and other expenses are not included.) The pricing tables are estimated for each institution. For example, if your budget is between 150,000 – 200,000 THB, it is recommended that you take note of the totals in the right column first.  Then, you will find the estimates for the schools, with the prices ranging from 230 AUD to 300 AUD. (Now, look at the leftmost column.)

You can fill out your budget here. Click here for a price quotation. Beyond Study Center staff will send you a list of schools within your budget range to your contact information.


Table below shows the prices for a 40-week English course with a 1-year visa granted.   You can pay by installments, 50% of total fees.

To see your pricing options, please follow the instructions given above. You can fill out your budget here. Click here for a price quotation and Beyond Study Center staff will send you a list of schools within your budget range.


Additional suggestion for selecting language program and the differences between institutions:

150-260 AUD: Choices of private language schools are with general, good, and premium quality, to fit various students’ needs. These schools are flexible, providing various activities and courses. Students are welcome to start classes every Monday.  Moderate-level private schools have a pathway program, leading to TAFE or other university programs. Most private schools are in the Center of the city, which makes it easy to travel to and from. Also, these school buildings are conveniently accessible, since they are usually single-story buildings or multiple-story buildings. Additionally, the different price ranges of the schools will also determine the quality of the instructors, student services, nationality mix, facilities, activities, and classroom environment.

230-300 AUD: TAFE is the Australian public institutes; therefore, the quality of the instructors and overall campus experience are excellent. Students are provided with more opportunities to interact with both Australian native speakers and international students in the campus. The facilities such as the library, gym, and cafeteria, are fully equipped. The students will be exposed to true learning classroom environments of the various faculties that help them with making right decision in case of furthering a diploma or higher degree. English language students can use all the TAFE facilities, like regular college students. Moreover, TAFE has the pathway program for students to pursue higher education in diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s degree at the institute.

240-550 AUD: University is similar to TAFE in which both are public institutes. English courses operated by competent instructor of the university so that students will gain campus experiences and be able to access the same facilities as the university’s undergraduate and graduate students. The university language Center usually has its own pathway program to a bachelor’s degree at the university.

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