We offer education consultancy in all levels, including application and visa assistance.
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Free education counselling services

Beyond Study offer education consultancy service in Australia and New Zealand. Our professional team has experience studying in these two countries so that we can give you deep information of institutions, courses to fits your interest.

Beyond Study Center is a leading education counsellor, having partnership with both public and private institutions in Australia with more than 10 years of experience. You can truly trust our professional services.

Our staff has experience studying, living, and working both in organisations and education services in Australia. Thus, our counselling team can provide you details and help you make a right decision from their own experience.

Our team has certified by Professional International Educational Resources Australia (PIER Online). You can rely on our specialisation in education consultancy.

We offer education counselling services in all levels in Australia and New Zealand. You can select a wide range of English courses, or in a higher education of vocational level with diploma and degree level. We assist you from the course selection until you complete your course in Australia.  

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