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University courses

Bachelor and Master Degree are the popular courses in both Thai and international students. Because they have a degree which have been recognized and can use this qualification to apply for a job. However, studying at a degree is necessary to have a sufficiently high level of language results both listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Post Graduate

Doctorate Degree

Ph.D. duration of study depending on the branch and research.

Master Degree

There are two main masters degree courses are that coursework and research. Duration of the study is 2 years, about 3-4 days per week.

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma is the first year program of the Master’s degree for master’s courses that have half a year, 1 year or 2 years duration.

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate is the first semester program of the master’s degree that has half-year study period.


Bachelor Degree

In Bachelor’s degree, students study approximately 3-4 days per week and duration of study is 3 years.

Conditions of application

Language Level

  • In general for undergraduated, required IELTS results in Academic 6.0 or equivalent. (Must not have any band below 5.5)
  • In general for post-graduated, required IELTS results in Academic 6.5 or equivalent. (Must not have any band below 6.0)
  • **Except for some faculties that require a high level of language in order to ensure that students will be able to use language in studying and communicating effectively. Some faculty may require to have 7.0 or more in IELTS academic results, such as Nursing , Teaching.


Education : The university may determine which level the student must complete to be able to continue to study in this faculty and the average grade may be one of  the factors.


Work experience, Reference, GMAT etc.

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