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Type of courses

Australia is the country that popular for Thai students to study. Because it takes about 9 hours to travel, which is not far from Thailand. Australia is a country that primarily uses English. The cost of travel and living expenses to study in Australia is much cheaper when compared to study in England or USA. It is also has an internationally recognized educational standard.

Curriculum for studying

Australia offers a variety of English courses that are suitable for everyone’s needs and flexible, which allow students to apply for enrolment almost all year round. The duration of each course is different. From the course that takes only 4 weeks to one year and they provide teaching at all levels, whether at the basic or advanced level.

Certificate courses to Advanced Diploma courses are Australian qualification. They are suitable for those who want to develop specific professional skills in areas such as Business, Tourism, Hospitality, Cookery, Patisserie, Childcare, etc.

Bachelor and Master Degree are the popular courses in both Thai and international students. Because they have a degree which have been recognized and can use this qualification to apply for a job. However, studying at a degree is necessary to have a sufficiently high level of language results both listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

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